Walmart Is Doing This Again as COVID Surges

Walmart announced that it will pay another round of bonuses to U.S. workers on Christmas Eve this year, due to the unprecedented COVID pandemic.

Meet the Brilliant Blue Gems That Make Up December's Birthstones

One with an enviable rarity and one with a storied past: Tanzanite and turquoise are more than worthy of collecting.

Feast Your Eyes Upon Every Royal Family Christmas Card We Could Get Our Hands On

Charles and Camilla simply can't stop doing the most.

An Abbreviated History of the Sequin’s Long, Colorful Life

Because women have always deserved a little sparkle.

The easiest and hardest dog breeds to train

Easiest & Hardest Dogs to Train

This Is What You'll Need to Get a COVID Vaccine at CVS, CEO Says

A coronavirus vaccine is just around the corner. But in order to get your COVID vaccine at CVS once it's available, you'll have to do this.

Daughter talks about pain of losing father to Covid-19

CNN's Pamela Brown speaks to Hina Patel about losing her father to coronavirus after Patel posted about her family's experience on Twitter.

10 Things You Should Never Clean with a Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers can be, well, magic. But before you get cleaning, here are 10 things you should avoid when using a Magic Eraser. The post 10 Things You Should Never Clean with a Magic Eraser appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Merry Christmas to Me! 18 New Holiday Releases I'm Shopping For December

Though this is the season to shop for others, I can't help but pick out a few things for myself as well.

I Tried the Face Mask in J Lo's Beauty Line and Am Now 1 Step Closer to Achieving Her Glow

Jennifer Lopez's glowing skin is something I remember hearing about even before I had a personal interest in beauty.

Presents you shouldn't give your S.O., ever

If you're racking your brain for something to get that special someone this year, forget boring things gift cards and check out some of our suggestions for better gifting.

30 Thoughtful Gifts for Anyone Who Loves to Drink Tea

...and spill it!

21 Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

Dollar stores have great bargains on both everyday and occasional purchases.

The #1 Worst Chain Restaurant Dish

Meet the worst of the worst.

Make Your New Year's Eve Even More Fun With These Hilarious Games

Ring in the new year with tons of laughter! This year, you might not be planning to throw a New Year's Eve party in the same fashion as years past. But even if you’re staying in for an at-home celebration to watch the New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square from your sofa, you’ll still need your favorite New Year's Eve appetizers and New Year's Eve drinks. After you’ve figured out the “eat” and “drink” festivities for the evening, don’t forget to plan for a “be merry” activity. To get you in the spirit, we’ve rounded up the most entertaining New Year’s Eve games that will fill your evening with some real (forced) family fun. Pick one (or several!) to play on New Year’s Eve with friends, whether it’s in person or virtually. Liven things up with some friendly competition (is there such a thing?) with boys vs. girls or parents vs. kids. From a disco ball piñata that doubles as the ideal post-midnight snack, to word search games and even creative, seasonally appropriate Mad Libs and other Happy New Year-themed printables, there's something here for adults and kids and every personality to enjoy. Check out our list of the very best New Year's Eve games to play to ring in 2021. After all, watching the ball drop only takes a minute!

3 Up-And-Coming Beauty Brands That Are About To Be Absolutely Everywhere

Rising stars.

The best holiday gifts for $25 or less

Shopping for kids, parents, spouses, or co-workers? Budget-conscious shoppers can find just the right Christmas gift at the right price right here — all for $25 or less.

Traditional holiday dishes from around the world

Traditional Christmas Foods

One Surprising Weight Loss Tip So Easy You Won't Believe It Works

Research out of the University of California San Francisco has shed light on the critical important of simply moving around to rev your metabolism.

The most overweight and obese states in America

Most Overweight & Obese States

Which Zodiac Signs Lie The Most? We Reveal The Top 6!

Who Are The 6 Biggest Liars Out Of All The Zodiac Signs?

A.B. Quintanilla May Be Selena's Older Brother, But He's Also a Father of 8!

After much waiting and multiple teasers, Netflix's Selena: The Series is finally here!

Scout Willis on 'feeling herself' in natural beauty pic

Scout Willis doesn’t want future regrets — she appreciates her beauty now, both inside and out.

Mindy Kaling Just Defended Her Children's 'Caucasian Names' on Instagram

"The Office" star Mindy Kaling replied to a personal question about her children's names and whether or not they celebrate her heritage.

How to identify and remove a skin tag

Skin tags are benign skin growths that you may find annoying and unsightly. Though you don't have to remove a skin tag, a doctor can get rid of it.

Holiday Items From Lidl to Put You in a Festive Mood

A whole prosciutto leg? Yes, please.

The COVID Vaccine May Not Protect You From This One Thing, Experts Warn

The COVID vaccine candidates may be able to stop symptoms, but can they stop transmission? Here's what experts have to say about it.

Explosive New Survey Reveals What's Happening in Restaurants

Restaurant staffers reveal workplace hazards and harassment they are experiencing on a daily basis, as the pandemic pushes tipped workers to the brink.

Gifts for preppers and zombie apocalypse survivors

Got someone on your list who's big into self-sufficiency, survival skills, and living off grid? These gift ideas will help them accomplish their goals.

Nostalgia Alert: Shows From the ’90s That Were Canceled Way Too Soon

My So-Called Life deserved at least three more seasons.

Newly eligible ways to spend your FSA cash before year's end

New Things You Can Buy With an FSA

Holiday gifts for the 'Schitt's Creek' fan in your life

Here are 18 fantastic holiday gifts for the Schitt’s Creek fan in your life.

Katie Lee Slams Critic Who Says She Holds Her Baby Daughter Excessively: 'Mom Shame, Much?'

"Not a 'Karen' just trying to help," the user said in her direct message to new mom Katie Lee

Meet the Lesser-Known Siblings of Huge Celebrities

Sure, you love Emma Thompson. But what about Sophie?

Parents struggle to make kids bundle up in winter

A heated debate is raging among parents about how cold is too cold for kids to be outside without coats or long pants. Moms share the arguments they have with their kids over battling the elements. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

What to buy (and what to skip) in December

What to Buy in December

The #1 Holiday Food at Costco

You can't go wrong with these Christmas food ideas from Costco, even if you're just feeding your immediate family members.

The biggest retirement mistakes you can make

Retirement Pitfalls to Avoid

'Black Panther' Star Under Fire for Sharing Controversial COVID Video

"Black Panther" star Letitia Wright received backlash on Twitter for sharing a COVID vaccine video full of conspiracy theories and false statements.

Slow-cooker family recipes under $20

Slow-Cooker Family Meals Under $20

Rules You Didn't Know 'Great British Bake Off' Contestants Have to Follow

Sorry, Americans. You have to be from the U.K. to compete.

This the very last day you can ship a Christmas package

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Cool multi-home compounds for rent across America

Cool Multi-Home Rentals

Hello Kitty is 2020's Biggest Beauty Influencer

As a beauty editor and Hello Kitty superfan, I am thriving.

Which 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Most Possessive Partners?

These 5 zodiacs take things slightly too far...

This Is the Most Stoned State in America

With the cannabis business booming across the country, we set out to determine the most stoned state in America. Where does yours rank?

See the Cast of Netflix's 'Selena' vs. the People They Play in Real Life

Christian Serratos takes on the role of the iconic Tejana singer.

The foods President Trump can't get enough of

How to Eat Like President Trump

7 Best Dinner Hacks for Weight Loss

These simple hacks will easily help you lose weight!

These Are the Friendliest Cat Breeds for New Cat Owners

While not everyone is a "cat person," there is no resisting the appeal of a cute, fluffy feline. Here are some of the most friendly cat breeds if you are thinking of taking the plunge into cat-parenthood and adopting.